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Research & Development

Alice Csoport is a successful Hungarian company specialised on project management, service development  and interim management. We have completed more than 10 years of service on these fields with a lot of national and international projects from different fields of industry and services.

Over these years our company has shown excellent performance at national and multinational levels. We have completed, and currently have ongoing projects with prestigious international an local companies, smaller scale firms, succesful start-ups with high development power and local authorities and organizations.

Project coordination and interim management

  • One of our main focus areas is the management of international projects that combine the needs of the high tech industry with the knowledge and the research capacity of the academic world.

    The source of our success is rooted in its ability to understand the requirements of high tech industry and the proven experience on the area of project coordination at many fields (IT, telecom, banking, pharmateutical industry etc.).

    On the other hand we had projects on the field of university and academic research and education programmes, that gives us the ability of the management of such kind of projects.

    The proven eperience of both fields enables our company to combine the resources and the capacities of parties and to coordinate complete research and developement projects at national and at international levels.


  • The successful organizations always want to step further, even over their borders. Development  usually cause interim situation that needs a third party for coordination and project management.

    Interim management is a special area of service development and comapany management. During interim management projects we focus on different areas of the organization under a process of change risk management, service develpment, project coordination, HR management and personal management advisory.

    We always work together with the top management of the company, with our outsorced capacities for a while. What is a far away aim and dream for a company or project under reorganization can be reached with the help of a good interim manager within a shorter period and on a much more cost effective way.

Some fields of references

  • Pharmatheutical industry (TEVA, Astra Zeneca, Immunal)
  • IT/Telecom (Hungarian Telecom, Opennetworks)
  • Education and culture (ELTE – Eötvös Lóránd University of Science, National Cultural Fund)
  • Banking (Raffeisen Group, Erste Group, MKB/BLB)
  • Government (Naitonal Fund of Employment, National Develpment Agency, National Agency of Employment)


ALICE Csoport

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